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"Alex Galchenyuk ne sera pas échangé.."EUH....

"Alex Galchenyuk ne sera pas échangé.."EUH....

- Wow..

- Bob McKenzie va à contre-courant ce matin..

"Alex Galchenyuk ne sera pas échangé.."

- Désolé mon Bob..

- Mais pour une rare fois..

- Tu es dans le CHAMP...

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Honestly why would they trade Galchenyuk, he's Montreal's most talented fwd and by far! Let's see how did trading away other so called troubled players workout for the Habs? Subban as of most recently and who could ever forget trading away Chelios for Denis the savior Savard! OH of course he was French so it had to be a good deal! God damn idiots!


H 30 as decider qu ils vont l échange le canadien aime faire plaisir au trou cul

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