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Cam Talbot ne se sent plus désiré à Edmonton..

Cam Talbot ne se sent plus désiré à Edmonton..

- Cam Talbot ne se sent plus désiré à Edmonton..

- Il sait que l'été prochain, les Oilers ne le resigneront pas..

- Il sera LIBRE COMME L'AIR...

- Car Mikko Koskinen va lui botter le CUL DEWORS...

- Surtout qu'Olivier Rodrigue est le FUTUR à LONG TERME des Oilers à cette position..

- Qui va vouloir de Talbot?

- Montréal si on échanger Carey Price...

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Dude à lire toutes les commentaires à ton endroit.... jpense que toi aussi tu dois te sentir très seul mon grand.....

Again Carey Price isn’t going anywhere. He wants to be Hab and be part of the reconstruction. Also thinking a goalie who was just drafted is for sure their goalie of the future is a little too premature. If Boston wants to trade Rask at any point or Bob in Columbus doesn’t resign, the Oilers are going to jump at the opportunity in get one of them. Also to think that Koskinen will beat Talbot out for the 1# job without even seeing him play is also premature. Just let training camp play out before making your opinion.


PRICE METE et un choix au repèchage a Edmonton en retour Draisaitl Nurse un espoir et Talbot pour dégager la masse salariale de Edmonton on Lucic

Sorry to tell everyone but Carey Price has a full no movement clause in his contract. Which means unless he asks for a trade, he’s not going anywhere and Bergevin and Molson do not want to trade Carey. They want him to be one of their leaders going forward. So Carey to Edmonton for Draisaitl isn’t going to happen. People are going to accept Carey Price will be a Hab for a long time.

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