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La face cachée du hockey.

HAHA...Jean-Charles Lajoie a encore mangé des Brownies triple chocolat ET...

HAHA...Jean-Charles Lajoie a encore mangé des Brownies triple chocolat ET...

- HAHA...Jean-Charles Lajoie a encore mangé des Brownies triple chocolat ET...

- Une substance sûrement très INTERDITE...

- Pour dire, qu'il voit le CH échanger Carey Price...

- ET...

- De donner le NET à Antti Niemi...

- AYOYE...

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Mike Hunt

Hey serveur is that you, short, fat, hairy, balding, toothless, drinking yhour buddies cum, and looking like an idiot ???? HA!HA!HA!

Serveur à l aigle noir

Il as l air d un dieu à comparer à toi Mike , au moins il as pas besoin de mettre des couches à causes qu il se fait défoncer à journée longue

Mike Hunt

As usual serveur, I guess you talents do not lie in writing...BORINGGGG... Your talents must be in giving and receiving blowjobs and anal sex. Get back to your wishful thinking "job" at that faggot bar Aigle. You only wish you actually had a job besides a blow job !!!!!! HA!HA!HA! How was the surgery to repair your ripped asshole? Were they able to get the tampon out of there? Did your father give you bad information on how to put it in???? HA!HA!HA! Is it true that your faggot friends told you to wear a strap-on dildo since that tiny thing hanging from between your legs just doesn't fit in anywhere ????? HA!HA!HA! Is your momma still servicing guys, with her wet, dirty, wrinkly, old worn-out bloody pussy ???? HA!HA!HA! Does Dany the SHEMALE'S (Which is you) KING KONG dildo still taste like shit? Then tell samsagat to help you clean your asshole, you asshole !!!!!!! HA!HA!HA!

pere noel

Ta gueule Mike, go tapis mon chien chien

hunt the cunt

Mike Hunt

Pere noel, you fat pig, still milesting kids ????

Mike Hunt


Pere noel

Moi je te la TYPOCHERAIT ta crisse de face de mangeux de marde...

Mike Hunt

So you admit that you are a molester , you disgusting piece of tampon !!!!

Mike Hunt

So your real name is Chester the molester!!!!! You must be working with serveur !!!!!!!

Mike Hunt

So serveur, pictured above, you ate 3 brownies...I guess you love their huge penises !!!!!!! HA!HA!HA! Use the Vaseline !!!! HA!HA!HA!

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