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La face cachée du hockey.

HAHA...Nikita Scherbak pense trop à sa Valentine...


- HAHA...Nikita Scherbak pense trop à sa Valentine...

- KOSSÉ ÇA ???

- Tu n'as pas le droit de faire ça dans la LNH...

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Donald Trump

Again? Still mocking him? We all know his girlfriend is better than your right hand dumbass!

Mike Hunt

Hey Donald, right on the money. The only problem with their right hand? It is in someones asshole !!!!!!

As suspected, the two retarded perverts show up when a woman is mentioned in an article.

Mike Hunt

As "suspected", you fucking dummy, it is EXPECTED !!!!!! When you finish fucking your gay friends, go get an English dictionary and learn something. On the other hand, the dictionary won't do anything when their prick is in front of your eyes !!!!!!!! HA!HA!HA!

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