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OFFRE HOSTILE à Martin Necas: Frank Serevalli nomme Montréal!! AYOYE!!

- AYOYE!!!

- Frank Serevalli affirme que le Canadien de Montréal..

- Pourrait soumettre une OFFRE HOSTILE à Martin Necas...


- Un centre qui peut jouer à l'aile..

- Qui a du TALENT à revendre!!!!!

- Voici ce que Serevalli affirme...

Scoop: It doesn’t quite feel like this feud between the Canes and Canadiens is over, does it? First Sebastian Aho, then revenge with Kotkaniemi. Sure, there is a new regime in Montreal.

But it’s the same owner, and the the same Montreal fan base, and they both have long memories. Carolina is in a bit of a cap bind. They have $19 million to spend on seven players. 

Montreal has money to play with, especially if Carey Price is going to be out. Necas certainly fits Montreal’s age range. They’ve got a bevy of picks. Could you imagine if Montreal repays the favor and lands the better player? We’re here for that chaos.

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