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La face cachée du hockey.

OSTIE qu'ils sont COLONS..

OSTIE qu'ils sont COLONS..

- OSTIE qu'ils sont COLONS..

- Ça fait CH..

- On comptait pour les Golden Knights...

- MAIS LÀ...

- On va devoir se taper Jean-Charles Lajoie en SLIP COQUILLE..

- Bienvenue à la maternelle du 91,9 Sports....

- Misère....

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Bout de colisse que tu es une merde. Rien de plus à ajouter.

@Mike Hunt

Hope vegas win tonight , can t wait any longer , i always dream I m with him on a desert island , rimming him all day on the beach , the mix of sweat and sun make me so horny

Mike Hunt la tête carrée bien enculée

Ô village.....

BNIG G la tete froggy bien enculee


@Mike Hunt

Big g . Will you do with me a 69 rimjob since We have no dick. We could insert the king Kong X large dildo in our broKen ass

Mike Hunt

Hey @Mike Hunt, besides being stupid and boring, I can't handle any more of your broken English. Until you find someone to write properly, and that person obviously cannot be a RIBITT, I will no longer respond to your nonsense. You are a sick franco, wanting attention from the other queers at H30. Direct your fantasies to them, I am sure that they will get excited and maybe they will be like you, get their 1/2 inch penis a little hard !!!!!! Bye, bye RIBITT, it has NOT been a pleasure !!!!!! BYE,BYE FROGGY, another one bites the dust !!!!!!

Mike the stupid man

and very idiot !!!!

Hum.. beau petit seins!!

J.C lui, n'est pas caché dans son sous-sol!

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