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Une enquête sur le CV de Geoff Molson fait JASER!!!!

- AYOYE...

- Une enquête de la Gazette...

- Sur le CV de Geoff Molson..

- Fait JASER en maudit...

- Molson...n'a aucune qualification profesionnelle pour être un président d'une équipe de hockey..

- Et ses deux frères commencent vraiment à lui mettre de la pression...

What was his experience prior to appointing himself president of the Canadiens that made him the ideal candidate? Did Molson do a comprehensive job search of the hockey world and come to the conclusion no one could do this pressure-cooker job better than him?

One more question. Is there a system of executive governance in place that is monitoring Molson’s performance? Is it his brothers Andrew and Justin, also partners in the consortium, who are overseeing their brother’s handling of the Habs?

At a speech to the Canadian Club in Montreal in 2019, Geoff Molson noted that 11 of the 24 Stanley Cups came when the team was owned by the Molson family or Molson brewery. When Geoff Molson created a consortium to buy the Habs from George Gillett in 2009, clearly the idea was that Molson would continue this storied family legacy with the team. 12 years in, that hasn’t happened and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

Maybe it’s time for Geoff Molson to think not of himself but of the team — and its millions of fans — and find a new president to revive that storied legacy.

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