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La face cachée du hockey.

Vidéo: Martin Hanzal le JAMBON VIOLENT...


- Martin  Hanzal est un JAMBON FINI..

- Alors..

- Comment il réagit.

- En devenant un JAMBON VIOLENT..

- OUCH..

- Pauvre yann

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Mike Hunt

Sitting back in the corner, I am stroking my hard dick, watching the porn. The door opens and guy enters in. Okay, good, I figure. He doesn't really look at me though and just heads on through, which is disappointing. However, I am not going to stalk him. I know that it is just me and him. If he saw me, and he might not have as I am wedged way back in the corner in a dark room, he'll likely be back if he wants to play !!!!!!! HA!HA!HA!HA

Mike Hunt

After an appropriate interval, so that I am not the creepy stalker, I head back, my hard dick still sticking out of the fly of my shorts. He is standing in the back open air area, watching that monitor, masturbating. I go and stand next to him. He is hot as hell. He has on an Eagles shirt in jersey material and basketball shorts that are around his knees. He has a fine ass, muscular legs and broad shoulders. He is black, a little taller than me and powerfully built. I actually figure him for a football coach or something. We both are stroking ourselves. I reach over and take his dick in my hand, a thick fat tool of about average length. He reaches over and takes mine in his hand. YUK!YUK!YUK

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