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La face cachée du hockey.

VIDÉO: WOW...Le SHOOTING de Eugénie pour le swimsuit...


- WOW...Le SHOOTING de Eugénie pour le swimsuit...

- Elle peut bien continuer d'être poche au tennis...

- Si elle fait encore des vidéos comme ça...


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Mike Hunt

Of course, with a beautiful woman in this story you won't hear any comments from Dany the SHEMALE Boily, beast101, samsagat, BIG G, Mike Pilon, etc. You might get a comment from Megan, boy oh boy would she pay anything to look like that !!!! She could start by first shaving her moustache !!!!!! HA!HA!HA!

Mike Hunt

Of course the H30 faggots (Dany the SHEMALE Boily, beast101, BIG G, samsagat, Mike Pilon, etc) as well as the dyke Megan "moustache" O'Bullshit have not commented here, as well as the other story on Eugenie in the swimsuit article. I have an idea for the H30 crew, make up a story (which is what all of these are anyways) about Michael Sam and all the male figure skaters, show some swimsuit pictures of them, and then you will see the guys above making massive comments !!!!!!!! Keep up the sexy photos of women, this is the way to keep these misfits away from H30 !!!!!!!!!!

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